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Wide Bore Tips

Wide Bore Pipette Tips

Wide Bore Tips are designed specifically for working with delicate cell lines, small particulates and viscous fluids. Wide bore pipet tips have bigger orifices, or tip openings that allow for the smooth non-disruptive transfer of viscous liquids. Wide tips are designed with the user in mind and work well in the following research areas.

Wide bore tips are a great match for cell culture research, pipetting with these tips will protect your cell lines from fragmentation. They provide an excellent way to change media and feed your cells preserving cell integrity. Cell viability is substantially increased when using wide tips. Wide bore pipet tips help users maintain cell lines for a greater number of passages to meet project goals.

In addition, wide bore tips are ideal with handling viscous liquids such as oils and detergents. The larger orifice allows for proper pipetting and complete dispensing of viscous fluids, so you avoid reagent or sample loss compared to traditional pipette tips. Great for handling Glycerol or Tween 20.

Wide tips are also used in the food testing industry. The wide opening is perfect for dealing with macromolecules. You can easily pipette carbohydrates, lipids, proteins or nucleic acids for testing purposes. Whether you are handling long lipid chains or complex carbohydrates, these tips will not disrupt macromolecule structural integrity, ensuring accurate results.

Wide bore pipet tips are also an excellent choice for genomic testing applications as well. The wider opening allows you to pipette and dispense genomic DNA without loss of sample or fragmentation. It is ideal for running genomic sequencing and single cell sequencing. offers wide bore pipette tips for any industry, academic or manufacturing project. Wide Bore Tips are made exactly for use with delicate cell lines, large macromolecules and viscous fluids. Wide bore pipet tips have larger orifices, or tip openings that enable smooth non-disruptive transfer of viscous liquids or cells. Wide tips are built with the unique applications in mind and work well with cell culture research, genomic research or viscous liquid dispensing.

Popular Applications

  • Cell Culture Media Changes-keeps Cells Integrity
  • Particulate Collection in the Field
  • Viscous Fluid Handling
  • Macromolecule Sample Handling
  • Food Testing
  • Genomic Testing

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UF-200WC 200 uL Universal ZAP Tips, 200 µL Filtered, Wide Orifice, Sterile tips, 96 tips/rack, 10 racks/pack, 10 packs/case, (CASE OF 9,600 TIPS), BNWmore...
UF-1000W 1000 uL Universal ZAP Tips, 100-1000 µL Filtered, Wide Orifice, Sterile tips, 96 tips/rack, 6 racks/pack, (PACK OF 576 TIPS), BNWmore...
10mL-Wide 10000 uL CELLTREAT 10 mL Serological Pipet with Wide Opening Tip| Individually Wrapped & Sterile| Orange Color Coded| Paper/ Plastic Wrap| 50 per Bag, 200 per Case, BNWmore...

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