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Wheaton CELLine Bioreactor

Wheaton Celline Bioreactors

Wheaton CELLine Bioreactor is Ideal for High Density Cell Culture

Wheaton CELLine Bioreactor flasks are designed to boost small scale bioproduction for antibody and protein generation. They are the ideal solution for those who are used to the traditional in vitro or in vivo cell culture methods. These methods can be strenuous and time consuming, thus the CELLine Bioreactor can address these areas and increase your productivity. The CELLine Bioreactor flask reduces you operation time, reduce the use & cost of consumables, and completely improves purification process. Most importantly, it eliminates you having to work at night or on weekends!

To put it into perspective, in a media compartment size of 350mL the harvesting concentration (viable cell/mL) is 20-40 x 10^6 or 20 to 40 million with an antibody yield per month of 20-200(mg).

How does the CELLine Bioreactor Flask work?

  • The Media Compartment. The media compartment of the CELLine Bioreactor allows for bulk storage of cell culture growth medium. This cuts down the media refreshing requirements as the media compartment is 50 times the size of the cell compartment.
  • Metabolite Regulating Upper Membrane. The upper dialysis membrane has a 10 kDa cut off limit. This balances the flow of metabolites to and from the cell compartment and retains all proteins in the cell compartment.
  • Cell Compartment. The cell compartment produces the perfect area to inoculate and achieve high density cultures. The compartment concentrates cells, their products, and limits the requirement for any exogenous growth factors.
  • Gas Permeable Lower Membrane. With static cultures, gas transfer rates can be the limiting factor in high density cultures. The CELLine flask places the cells directly against the gas permeable membrane to achieve optimal levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide. 

Wheaton CELLine Bioreactor Exploded View


What is the basic process of the CELLine Bioreactor?

Wheaton CELLine Bioreactor ProcessWheaton CELLine Bioreactor Seeding and Harvesting Data


CELLine Bioreactor Supplementary Materials

Increase your monthly yield and save thousands of dollars by ordering the CELLine Bioreactors, today!

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