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Vista Lab Ovation M Pipette


VistaLab Ovation M Pipette Promotes Ergonomically-Correct Posture

The VistaLab Ovation M Pipette is the mechanical pipette variation of their popular electronic single channel pipette.  This mechanical version features a unique ergnomic grip while remaining accurate and precise.  With a mechanical 2-stroke low-force plunger that allows the operator to perform pipetting tasks effortlessly, the overblow dispensing allows the full removal of contents from the pipette tip each and every time.  Designed for easy sterilization, this mechanical pipette is autoclavable and features a creative built in microtube cap opener that allows an operator to cotinuously pipette without having to place the pipette down on their work bench in order to close and open microtubes throughout operation.  Designed to save time and effort, these amazing pipettes by Vista Labs come in volume ranges from 0.2 uL to 1000 uL

Benefits of the VistaLab Ovation M Pipette

  • Ergonomic design. Contoured shape and adjustable hook promotes a neutral forearm and wrist position which allows for stress-free pipetting.
  • No pipette stand is needed. The VistaLab Ovation M Pipette can stand on its own, making it quick & convenient to pick up and continue pipetting.
  • Easy tip mounting. Pipette tips can be mounted with a gentle push, an audible click confirms the tip has been securely set.
  • Built-in microtube cap opener. This Ovation pipette features a unique capability of built-in microtube cap opener so you no longer need to place your pipette down during operation and risk contaminating your pipette tips and sample.
  • Convenient color coding and volume range. The VistaLab Ovation M Pipette is available in 6 color coded models and has a volume range from 0.2 uL to 1000 uL.

The VistaLab Ovation M Pipette Fits Your Hand Like a Glove

Designed to fit comfortable in your hand, the Ovation M Pipette allows you to work on prolonged pipetting assignments in a natural fatigue-free position. With low pipetting forces, tip mounting and dismounting requires less stress to the thumb. The Ovation M Pipette is the ergonomically-correct choice for completely comfortable and precise pipetting. Dawn Cherry at Medical Laboratory Technologist said,

"I manually pipette many samples a day. That caused a lot of pressure on my shoulder and elbow, and especially my thumb when ejecting tips. I developed elbow pain and numbness that was diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome and required surgery. Now I'm using an Ovation and haven't had any further problems."

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