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Wheaton Vials

Wheaton Vials can now be found at Pipette.comThe Wheaton selection of glass and plastic vials is enormous. The glass tubular vials are available with screw or crimped closures and also available in amber tint for samples or products that have ultraviolet sensitivity. The plastic Wheaton Elite packaging vials exceed the DOT standards by an average of 35% making them ideal for the transport of your products. The plastic vials come with either free standing or rounded bottom options and offer either internal or external threading options as well. Wheaton’s selection of Sample Vials are packaged in partitioned trays that provide an easy way to inventory samples or store empty vials. They’re available in different sizes, clear or amber and available packaged with screw caps sold separately, truly, a vial for all occasions.

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W224221 WHEATON W224221 Aluminum Crimp Seal with PTFE/Silicone Septa for Headspace Vial, 20mm Closure Size| 100 per Case, BNWmore...
W224224 WHEATON W224224 20mm Headspace Crimp Seal with PTFE/Butyl Septa| 100 per Case, BNWmore...
W985863-BC WHEATON (DWK) 2mL Cryovial Tube, 500 Tubes per bag, made from low binding, cryogenic grade virgin Polypropylene (PP), Lot certified RNase/DNase and Endotoxin Free providing assurance of product integrity, Bottom format allows unrestricted view of 2D bar code for convenient automated scanning. Comes with a 2D Matrix Barcode Bottom Insert., BNWmore...

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