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Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipette


Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipette – High Visibility, High Productivity 

Pipetting is a vital part of lab work and that can mean pipetting hundreds of times in a single day. Working hard shouldn’t mean risking hand or eye strain or even risking accuracy over long sessions. Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipettes are a significant upgrade to manual pipetting. They can be the difference reliable, consistent results or repetitive stress injuries and inaccurate data. Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipettes make it easy to keep track of your pipetting work by increasing visibility of the electronic pipette settings and by making aspirating/dispensing as easy as a single soft-button press. With a Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipette, users can easily review their work and avoid hand stress while still being able to work for hours continuously.  

Advanced Pipetting – Dispensing made Better 

So much goes into proper pipetting and most scientists are so good at doing it that they don’t even notice themselves doing it. However, when a project requires hundreds of pipetting steps in a single day, it can get easy to lose track or get tired. Repetitive pipetting with a traditional pipette can lead to hand injuries and inaccurate experiments. Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipettes help to resolve these issues by applying advanced hardware and software to make the human part of pipetting easier.  

Every Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipette has a backlit screen that allows users to easily review their settings regardless of the lighting in the room. Users no longer have to worry about losing track of the function they are working with, the volume currently set, or even risking their eyes from having to work in low visibility.  

Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipettes allow users to work more precisely and carefully in ways that traditional pipettes cannot. Software in Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipettes lets users select from ten different pipetting functions including: 

  • Forward Pipetting 
  • Reverse Pipetting 
  • Diluting 
  • Stepper Pipetting 
  • Mixing 
  • Sequential Stepping 
  • More! 

Besides the pre-programmed functions, Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipettes also allow users to select from nine aspirate/dispense speeds. Users working with very large or very small amounts can be more precise with the velocity at which liquid enters containers on dispensing. While it may seem trivial, this setting makes a huge difference. Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipettes can carefully deposit liquids at the bottom of a tube so users no longer have to spin down every tube to ensure liquid reaches and stays at the bottom.

Furthermore, the Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipette includes 9 programmable slots so that users can label and save their most common protocols. For labs where pipettes are shared, this means that the Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipette can be used by multiple lab members to perform consistent results throughout an experiment.  

Intuitive Navigation and Operation 

Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipettes feature a full-size screen with intuitive menu options so users can easily adapt to and use the electronic pipette. The user interface is available in multiple languages. The full-size screen available on every Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipette makes it easy to find functions and to read information when needed. Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipettes can perform 4000 pipetting operations from a single charged battery and will recharge in only one hour.  

Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipettes are operated via index finger controls that trigger with only a soft button press. The lightweight construction and soft button control mean that users can work for hours without the usual risk of repetitive stress. The soft-touch tip ejection can be operated by either hand and further reduces the risk of hand strain.  


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