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Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip™ Electronic Pipettes


Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipettes 

Electronic pipettes can provide a vast array of new functions for a busy lab. The Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipette comes equipped with a roster of software tools that allow users to work more easily and quickly. These devices also come equipped with Thermo Fisher’s innovative ClipTip technology to improve accuracy and precision. Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipettes are designed for enhanced ergonomic comfort, electronic control, and software-controlled pipetting. The electronic advancements and software-controlled pipetting can be shared throughout the lab using Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipette. The software includes functionality for multiple profiles and environments.  

Furthermore, the Equalizer technology on Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipettes allows users to adjust the spacing on the pipettes to work on a variety of labware. With adjustable spacing, users can transfer samples between virtually any tubes, racks, plates, or boxes. Discover how the Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipette can be used to improve productivity and comfort! 

Equalizer Technology 

Certain Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipettes come equipped with Equalizer technology that allows users to adjust the tip spacing between the multiple channels.  Users can save up to 90% in time as compared to traditional pipettes. The multiple channels mean that users can work much more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the adjustable technology on Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipettes means that users can quickly transfer between different liquid containers of different sizes or applications.  

Advanced Software 

The advanced electronic software on all Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipettes allows users to program in their applications for quick repetition. The internal memory can store up to 30 of the most common Matrix or Preset protocols so that users can easily share the device or repeat their work as needed. The software also improves the ergonomic utility of Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipettes by switching control of the plunger from users’ hands to the electronic motor.  

Furthermore, Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipettes can be programmed to warn users about service and calibration timelines. These devices can improve the productivity and overall throughput of the lab. Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipettes make pipetting easier and make quality assurance even easier. The ClipTip technology and electronic plunger control highly reduce the risk of accuracy or precision loss.  

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