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Fisherbrand™ Elite™ Adjustable-Volume Pipettes


Fisherbrand™ Elite™ Adjustable-Volume Pipette 

The Fisherbrand Elite Adjustable-Volume Pipette is the ergonomic solution to high-throughput pipetting with a traditional device. The engineering and design is carefully chosen so that Fisherbrand Elite Adjustable-Volume Pipettes are highly comfortable and very accurate. These pipettes offer high performance in a very intuitive package that should be easy for anybody in the lab to use. Each Fisherbrand Elite Adjustable-Volume Pipette also includes super blow-out technology to ensure that as much of the sample can be dispensed as possible. Fisherbrand Elite Adjustable-Volume Pipettes allow users to work longer, more comfortably, and more consistently.  

Advanced Pipetting Technology 

Fisherbrand Elite Adjustable-Volume Pipettes feature extremely low plunger forces that add an extra layer of control to each device. Normal pipettes have more difficult plungers which force users to control the pipette more forcefully. The higher forces needed to operate traditional pipettes mean that users can more easily make a mistake in aspirating or dispensing. Instead of that uncertainty, Fisherbrand Elite Adjustable-Volume Pipette’s low plunger forces allow users to work more precisely since aspirating and dispensing can be controlled more gently.  

Along with the lower plunger forces, Fisherbrand Elite Adjustable-Volume Pipette also feature advanced super blow-out technology that helps ensure accuracy and precision. The piston includes an extra stop that can create an up to %150 bigger air push as compared to traditional pipettes. Conventional pistons often leave a few drops of the sample in the pipette, which can lead to incorrectly calculated volumes. Fisherbrand Elite Adjustable-Volume Pipettes instead push more of the volume out and ensure that volumes can be more accurately measured.  

The Ergonomic Advantage 

Along with the reduced plunger forces, the Fisherbrand Elite Adjustable-Volume Pipette has a soft-touch tip ejection. The soft-touch tip ejection is powered by a gearing mechanism that is designed so that it reduces tip ejection forces by up to 50%. Each Fisherbrand Elite Adjustable-Volume Pipette has a lighweight handle and carefully placed fingerhook that together ensure users can easily balance the device in their hands, even during long periods of work. Tips can also be attached onto the Fisherbrand Elite Adjustable-Volume Pipette more easily, thus further reducing the chance or repetitive strain injuries (RSI). 

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