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Thermo Fisher Focus Single Channel Digital Pipette


Thermo Fisher Finnpipette Focus Single Channel Digital Pipette – All the Features You Need

With the recent increased awareness of repetitive strain injury (RSI), pipette design has adjusted to improve usability and pipetting ergonomics. The Finnpipette Focus™ pipette has been designed with this need in mind to increase pipetting ease and comfort.

While convenience and comfort are incorporated into the Finnpipette Focus design, these factors are built around the most important feature in any pipette - extremely accurate and precise pipetting. The unique design of this Finnpipette combines these key features to specifically reduce user stress while optimizing pipetting performance, so that you can set the volumes you need quickly and effortlessly to focus on your work.

All Finnpipette Focus pipettes include an advanced fast volume adjustment feature allowing fast, efficient and less stressful functionality. A fine volume adjustment system also allows accurate setting of fine volumes using the Finnpipette Focus.

The Finnpipette Focus pipette has been designed to be used with Finntip™ tips. It is also compatible with all Fisherbrand™ Universal-Fit tips, Ergo-F, Large Orifice, Large Orifice/Genomic Aerosol Barrier, and Low-Retention tips.

Thermo Fisher Finnpipette Focus Single Channel Digital Pipette features and benefits:

  • The digital display is easy to read even while the pipette is in use
  • “Super blow-out” technology on the microsize pipette ensures a new level of accuracy and precision at low-volume settings
  • The telescopic piston boosts the power of the blow-out step, overcoming the capillary action that can prevent delivery of any residual liquid in the tip
  • Soft-touch tip ejection, an innovative gearing mechanism that increases the downward force during tip release, also functions to prevent thumb strain and RSI
  • Calibration is easy to perform using the included tool
  • Built using tough, lightweight polymers and fully autoclavable
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design to prevent fatigue and RSI
  • Unit disassembles easily for cleaning and parts replacement
  • Convenient stick-on shelf hanger allows you to store the Finnpipette Focus on almost any surface with a 90 degrees edge such as a shelf edge
  • Features a “fast-dial” volume system with 0.01 μL fine microvolume adjustment
  • Large, color-coded thumb button allows fast and accurate volume setting and adjustment
  • Finger rest ensures a secure grip and correct pipetting angle
  • When a volume range is given, the first value corresponds to the smallest volume in the stated range, while the second value corresponds to the largest volume.

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