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Finnpipette Focus Fixed Volume Pipette


Finnpipette Focus Fixed Volume Pipettes – Advanced Performance 

Finnpipette Focus Fixed Volume Pipettes are an ideal solution for repeat pipetting of the same volume. While this issue may seem trivial at first glance, QA/QC protocols or even just high-throughput work might require exact repetition of the same volume, several dozens or hundreds of times in one day. Rather than working with standard pipettes, users can take advantage of the Finnpipette Focus Fixed Volume Pipettes. These fixed volume pipettes are designed with a focus on ergonomics and repeatability. Repeat pipetting often leads to repetitive strain injuries (RSI) or can lead to accuracy and precision mistakes due to repeat handling of adjust volume devices. WIth Finnpipette Focus Fixed Volume PIpettes, users can expect comfortable handling and repeatability over long periods of pipetting.  

Practical Design – Improved Pipetting and Shape 

The Finnpipette Focus Fixed Volume Pipette features and improved shape that allows users to work more comfortably within the confines of the lab. The tip cone can be long or short and features a narrow shape. The narrow design of the Finnpipette Focus Fixed Volume Pipettes allows users to easily access liquids from test tubes, bottles, flasks, and a wide variety of other laboratory vessels. The narrow tip cone on the Finnpipette Focus Fixed Volume Pipettes ultimately ensures that users can reduce splash-back and can reach the liquid in even tight corners of laboratory vessels.  

Apart from the tip cone, Finnpipette Focus Fixed Volume Pipettes also feature inner design improvements that directly improve the pipetting capabilities of each pipette. Thermo Fisher understands that often, liquid can remain in the pipette tip, particularly when working with very small or very large volumes. That limitation should no longer affect the performance of lab experiments. FInnpipette Focus Fixed Volume Pipettes feature super blow-out technology. The super blow-out helps users dispense the liquid from the tip by adding an extra blow-out.  

Comfortable Operation – Saves Experiments and Hands 

Finnpipette Focus Fixed Volume Pipettes are designed for a large volume of work. Each pipette is easy to hold, fits comfortably in users’ hands, and features reduced operation forces so that users can operate the Finnpipette Focus Fixed Volume Pipette with gentle pushes. Finnpipette Focus Fixed Volume Pipettes are made from a lightweight material to help users with reduced weight. Furthermore, the finger rest features an easy-to-grip texture so that users can hold on to the pipette more easily without having to grip it as tightly. In combination with the narrow tip cone, these features allow users to easily and comfortably operate Finnpipette Focus Fixed Volume Pipettes even when working at awkward angles and long-necked vessels.  

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