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Finnpipette Model 4510 Multichannel Digital Pipet


Finnpipette Model 4510 Multichannel Digital Pipette – An Autoclavable Digital Pipette

The Finnpipette Digital Multichannel is an autoclavable digital pipette. It operates on the air displacement principle (i.e. an air interface) and uses detachable, disposable tips. The adjusted delivery volume is displayed digitally on a readout window on the handle. The six different models of Finnpipette Digital Multichannel pipettes cover a volume range from 0.5 µl to 300 µl.

Like the single channel Finnpipette Digital Pipette, the Finnpipette Model 4510 Multichannel Pipette offers the same ergonomic style, easy tip ejection and super blow-out technology for 0.5 – 10 µL pipetting. The “super blow-out” feature in small-volume (0.2 µl – 40 µL) Finnpipette Digital Pipettes ensure precise delivery of accurate microvolumes of liquid.

The Finnpipette Digital Multichannel Pipettes come in a new streamlined design - to make even lighter work of routine laboratory tasks. Like the single channel Finnpipette Digital pipette, the multichannel offers all these advanced features: soft-touch tip ejection, super blow-out for micro volume pipetting (0.5-10 µL models), entire pipette autoclavable, safety label and convenient shelf hanger and stand, new, streamlined design, quick-click volume setting; an audible click signals each volume change, large display window, easy in-lab recalibration and cleaning.

Finnpipette Model 4510 Multichannel Digital Pipette features and benefits:

  • The adjusted delivery volume is clearly indicated in the large digital display on the handle
  • The Finnpipette Digital is made of mechanically durable and chemically resistant materials which allow repeated autoclaving of the complete pipette at 121°C
  • Finntips are recommended for use with the Finnpipette Digital Multichannel
  • Soft-touch tip ejection
  • Super blow-out technology
  • Shelf hanger and stand
  • Quick-click volume setting
  • Easy in-lab recalibration and cleaning

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