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Finnpipette 4510 Multichannel Digital Pipette


Finnpipette Model 4510 Multichannel Digital Pipette 

Traditional pipettes are designed to work with large ranges of volume so that they can offer high utility in the majority of labs. However, many labs require a higher level of functionality and performance, that only very precise tools like the Finnpipette Model 4510 Multichannel Digital Pipette can offer. Finnpipette Model 4510 Multichannel Digital Pipettes are engineered to work with microvolumes. The advanced features include special super blow-out technology, special volume adjustment, and highly precise volume display. Furthermore, Finnpipette Model 4510 Multichannel Digital Pipettes make it easy to learn and use the device. Ergonomic advancements make operation comfortable and the design is intuitive so that any user can quickly figure out how to use the device. Finnpipette Model 4510 Multichannel Digital Pipettes offer high quality performance and long-term durability with a resistant material.  

High Performance Pipetting of Microvolumes 

Traditional pipettes offer lower quality performance at lower volumes because they are not designed to specifically dispense precisely and accurately with small amounts of liquid in the pipette tip. Finnpipette Model 4510 Multichannel Digital Pipettes combat this by changing the typical capability of air-displacement technology. While normal pipettes will displace liquid by pushing air through the tip, Finnpipette Model 4510 Multichannel Digital Pipettes go an extra step of pushing out an extra level of air. The super blow-out technology equipped in Finnpipette Model 4510 Multichannel Digital Pipettes features an extra level to the internal piston so that when users press down on the plunger, they can push down an extra level that pushes out any remaining liquid in the pipette tip. At larger volumes, this small volume can be insignificant, but at microvolumes, this super blow-out ensures that measurements are accurate and precise.  

Ergonomic, Resistant, and Convenient 

Finnpipette Model 4510 Multichannel Digital Pipettes include a variety of other features that make them useful tools for a lab to hold on to. Each device has a large digital display that allows users to double-check the volumes they are working with and ultimately prevent pipetting errors. Furthermore, each pipette is made with durable materials that can resist mechanical damage and chemical damage. Finnpipette Model 4510 Multichannel Digital Pipettes can be autoclaved to ensure sterility. The soft-touch tip ejection makes it easy for users to operate the ejector without risking strain in their hands.  

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