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Thermo Fisher Original Digital Manual Pipette


Today’s laboratories require a sophisticated and reliable liquid handling approach that fulfills users’ needs and allows them to cope with the ever-increasing demands in daily work. Finnpipette Digital pipettes combine ergonomic design, advanced features and uncompromising performance to even better respond to various pipetting applications in modern laboratories.Micro pipetting for small volumes - 0.2 to 1000 µl. Working in the critical range of 0.2 to 1000 µl places tough demands on pipette performance. The Finnpipette Digital meets these demands, ensuring guaranteed accuracy and precision. Thermo has applied the expertise gained in the years of pipette development to its macro range of digital Finnpipettes (1-5 ml and 2-10 ml). The results is a lightweight, easy-to-use pipette that avoids the risks associated with glass pipettes. All macro range Finnpipettes have a unique, specially designed piston assembly which completely eliminates vortex contamination, a common problem when pipetting large volumes . Macro pipetting for large volumes - 1 ml to 10 ml. With it's up-to-date streamlined design, the Finnpipette Digital offers improved ergonomics for today's exacting laboratory routines. The rounded handle, modified grippy finger rest and the large display windows enhance operator comfort and efficiency. Finnpipette Digitals also feature several breakthroughs in liquid handling technology - soft-touch tip ejection with power-boosted gearing mechanism patented and super blow-out for 0.2 - 50 µl micro volume pipetting. For absolute sterility, all Finpipette Digitals are completely autoclavable. Each pipette also has a safety label on the finger rest, and they also come with a stick-on shelf hanger for convenient storage.

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