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Thermo Fisher Focus Multichannel Digital Pipette


Thermo Fisher Focus Multichannel Digital Pipette 

Multichannel pipettes are often unwieldy and can suffer from accuracy issues. Thermo Fisher Focus Multichannel Digital Pipettes are designed to mitigate these concerns and make multichannel pipetting as useful as it can be. Although these larger pipettes can often be heavy and bulky, there are several ergonomic features that can reduce the burden on users. Furthermore, Thermo Fisher Focus Multichannel Digital Pipettes are equipped with various tools that improve the accuracy and precision of the pipette. Volume adjustment and dispensing are both enhanced on the Thermo Fisher Focus Multichannel Digital Pipette to ensure users can perform their best work consistently and repeatably.  

Super Blow-Out Technology 

Especially at lower volumes, traditional pipettes often have an issue expelling all of the liquid that was aspirated. Thermo Fisher Focus Multichannel Digital Pipettes mitigate that issue by the addition of super blow-out technology. This means that the piston has telescopic capability that boosts the blow-out ability of Thermo Fisher Focus Multichannel Digital Pipettes. By making sure that all of the liquid is expelled from the pipette tip, an extra level of accuracy and precision can be reached. If not all liquid is dispensed, then readings and measurements are inaccurate. This minor inaccuracy can be repeated hundreds of time throughout one experiment and will become a larger issue if left unmitigated.  

Ergonomic and Durable 

Thermo Fisher Focus Multichannel Digital Pipettes are built with tough, lightweight polymers that make the device hard to break and usable even in tough conditions. The pipette can be disassembled to reach between the parts and clean the internal components and machinations.  

Each Thermo Fisher Focus Multichannel Digital Pipette includes a soft-touch tip ejection system that uses an innovative gearing mechanism. The mechanism increases the downward force exerted when a tip is relased. This same technology helps to reduce thumb strain and potential repetitive strain injuries. The finger rest allows users to easily balance the Thermo Fisher Focus Multichannel Digital Pipette in their hands during operation and ultimately hold the pipette securely and at the correct angle. The volume adjustment is fast and can be securely set.  

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