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Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel Pipette


Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel Pipette 

Pipetting requires reliable and advanced technology with the capability to perform accurate work consistently and repeatedly. Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel Pipettes offer a sophisticated and advanced option for liquid handling. The advanced engineering that goes into the Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel Pipette allows users to work comfortably and efficiently. The special design allows users to work repeatedly and reliably without making mistakes or receiving stress injuries. Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel Pipettes feature the performance needed to work with large complex projects.  

Easy to Plug in To Your Lab 

Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel Pipettes have everything you need to fit a new pipette into your lab. The technology allows users to quickly figure out the new pipette and to integrate the device into the usual protocols. Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel Pipettes offer advanced super blow-out technology to ensure that aspirating and dispensing can be achieved at exactly the volume described. Furthermore, the super blow-out ensures that unlike some other pipettes, Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel Pipettes can be used to the full capability that the protocol demands.  

Ergonomic Advancements 

Repetitive strain injuries can often lead to lower productivity and long term injuries. Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel Pipettes are designed to make pipetting comfortable and repeatable. Several forces are inherent to pipetting, but the Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel Pipette is built to mitigate those forces so that users can perform work consistently without suffering injuries. The soft-touch tip ejection on Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel Pipettes means that users can complete a liquid handling procedure without needing to force tips off of the device at the end.  

Furthermore, since Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel Pipettes are meant to work in almost any lab, the device can be quickly included in decontamination and sterilization procedures. Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel Pipettes are completely autoclavable. The finger rest is highly ergonomic and allows users to comfortably balance the device in their hands without suffering strain over repeated cycles of use. The rounded handle and grip throughout the pipette allow users to hold the device without having to tightly grip the Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel Pipette.  

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