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Multichannel Multistepper Repeating Pipette


Multistepper is simple to operate and it has optimal efficiency for both right or left-handed users since the module rotates a full 360°. The eight-channel module is ideal for work with microplates. Product Detail With a single loading, the Multistepper can deliver 24 x 50 µl = 192 wells, 12 x 100 µl = 96 wells, 8 x 150 µl = 64 wells, 6 x 200 µl = 48 wells or 5 x 250 µl = 40 wells. The eight channels are calibrated to simultaneously dispense exactly the same amount of liquid. The Multistepper works on the air displacement principle. It is easy to use simply by attaching, filling and priming the module and dialing the selected volume. The same universal handle fits both the multichannel module and the seven single channel Finntip Steppers. By decreasing the number of fill/dispense sequences, the Multistepper reduces the risk of error, and improves productivity and efficiency. Speeds up laboratory procedures, simultaneous dispensing in eight channels, improved productivity and efficiency.

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