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Thermo Fisher Easystepper Repeating Pipette


Easy and convenient repetitive pipetting, simply attach the appropriate tip size, fill and prime the tip, and dial the selected volume. Stepper suites for work with aggressive and viscous liquids. Product Detail The universal Stepper handle is adapted for seven tip sizes, to cover a dispensing volume range from 10 to 5000 µl. The handle is also available with an eight-channel module. Five delivery volumes are possible with each tip size. The Stepper is easy and convenient to use, simply by attaching the appropriate tip size, filling and priming the tip, and dialing the selected volume. The ergonomic design of the handle increases operator comfort. For easy onehanded operation, the Stepper has a unique grippy finger rest and dispensing lever. The Finnpipette Stepper works on the positive displacement principle. It is ideally suited for work with aggressive and viscous liquids. All seven Finntip Stepper sizes are available in sterilized and unsterilized versions. Sterilized tips are individually packaged.

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