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Thermo Fisher Finnpipette Easystepper Repeating Pi


Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipette 

Special experiments require special tools, and working with viscous or difficult liquids can de-rail a project. The Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipette is the solution to working with problematic liquids. The positive displacement technology used in the repeating pipette makes it easy to accurately and precisely handle viscous and volatile liquids repeatedly. The repeat dispensing ability of Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipettes allows users to aliquot liquids into to set up or work through large scale projects. Despite the overall capacity and dispensing capability, the Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipette is still easy and comfortable to operate. 

Accurate Results for Difficult Projects 

The typical pipette uses air displacement technology during aspiration and dispensing. For liquids with viscosity similar to water, this works well, but for more or less viscous liquids, air displacement is inaccurate. Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipettes are equipped with Positive Displacement Technology that uses mechanical movement instead of air displacement. Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipettes use syringe tips that have a small plunger inside that fills or pushes the exact volume. This means that even if liquids are more or less viscous, the Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipette will accurately dispense the correct amount.  

Complex Work, Easy Operation 

Just because the work being done is complicated doesn’t mean that the pipetting has to be. Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipettes feature easy operation. Users simply pick the correct syringe tip, fit it into the repeating pipette, and then lock it in. Choosing the right tip is easy, simply consult the convenient volume-setting chart on the handle. Every Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipette includes the volume-setting chart with an intuitive explanation of the tip sizes and dispensing steps.  

Once the tip is selected and secured, users just need to fill the syringe tip with liquid by pulling up on the Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipette, and then dispense once for priming. After priming, the repeating pipette should be ready for use. Each complete press down of the dispensing lever will then dispense the accurate volume as set by the volume dial at the top of the Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipette. When using a filled syringe tip, the Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipette is capable of dispensing up to 45 times.  

Good for Experiments, Good for Scientists 

Particularly when working with positive displacement devices, the strain can often get transferred through the mechanical movements. The design of the Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipette reduces the force required to push the dispensing lever. Furthermore, the lightweight material, ergonomic handle, and wide finger rest featured on the Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipette reduce the weight of the repeating pipette and distribute it throughout the pipette so users can avoid hand strain. Even for less difficult liquids, repeat dispensing with Thermo Fisher Finnpipette EasyStepper Repeating Pipettes is a much more comfortable and rapid process.  


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