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Thermo Fisher Varichannel Multichannel Pipette


Thermo Fisher Varichannel Multichannel Pipette 

Thermo Fisher quality is paired with adjustable spacing technology in the Thermo Fisher Varichannel Multichannel Pipette. These pipettes offer adjustable spacing and adjustable volume to allow users the maximum flexibility when working in the lab. Each Thermo Fisher Varichannel Multichannel Pipette uses air displacement technology that is engineered to provide accurate and precise liquid handling even throughout the multiple channels. The further revolutionary aspect of Thermo Fisher Varichannel Multichannel Pipettes is that every device features the capability to have extra channels added or removed, allowing for further flexibility in spacing and containers that can be used.  

Advanced Adjustable Spacing 

Adjustable spacing pipettes exist to help users work with different sized containers or different configuration of microplates. Thermo Fisher Varichannel Multichannel Pipettes take that adjustment capability even farther by allowing users extra flexibility with the removal or addition of more channels that can also be spaced differently. Extra channels can be easily added with few tools and by following the easy instructions included in the manual. While this feature may seem like an unneeded luxury, Thermo Fisher Varichannel Multichannel Pipettes can enhance the throughput of labs that need to work with a variety of labware, containers, or even equipment. Ultimately, Thermo Fisher Varichannel Multichannel Pipettes can enhance accuracy and precision in large scale projects that might otherwise take much longer to accomplish.  

The tip ejection system adjust along with the addition of new channels and continues to function despite changes made to the Thermo Fisher Varichannel Multichannel Pipette.  

Air Displacement Technology that Works! 

Thermo Fisher Varichannel Multichannel Pipettes use air displacement technology to aspirate and dispense liquids. Often, this can be an issue with multichannel pipettes depending on the design. Thermo Fisher Varichannel Multichannel Pipettes are special because each channel can function as its own individually operate channel, ensuring that accuracy and precision can be maintained at each channel instead of throughout the device. The technology advancement prevents loss of consistency, which is very important when tools are shared throughout a lab or used during a long-term project. Thermo Fisher Varichannel Multichannel Pipettes ensure that quality work can be performed at the moment the pipette is needed and throughout the lifetime of the device.  

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