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Thermo Fisher Techpette Digital Pipettes


Thermo Fisher Techpette Digital Pipettes 

Thermo Fisher Techpette Digital Pipettes make liquid handling simple and easy without sacrificing accuracy or precision. Advanced technology doesn’t have to be complex and quality performance can be achieved without high cost or electronic components.  Users can take advantage of the intuitive and easy-to-use design of Thermo Fisher Techpette Digital Pipettes. The ergonomic design and convenient construction make it easy for users to quickly, securely, and consistently get to work on reliable results. Thermo Fisher Techpette Digital Pipettes are comfortable to use and come equipped with materials that make them an easy addition to any lab that performs high quality, high importance work.  Pipetting should not be the difficult part of any experiment and Thermo Fisher Techpette Digital Pipettesare the solution to ensure that it isn't.  

Convenient Visibility and Reliable Volume Setting 

Thermo Fisher Techpette Digital Pipettes offer various features that make it easy to quickly pick up the pipette, securely set the volume, and immediately get to work. The plunger on Thermo Fisher TechpetteDigital Pipettes quickly rotates, clicking at each step, to adjust the volume. Users can easily monitor changes in the set volume by watching the large digital volume display. Once set, the plunger will securely remain at the set volume and users can continue to monitor that the volume remains unchanged. The large digital volume display on Thermo Fisher Techpette Digital Pipettes can be read even when the pipette is in use. The display is conveniently placed so users can see it even when the pipette is securely gripped in their hand.  

Furthermore, Thermo Fisher Techpette Digital Pipettes offer fast and easy adjustment so that users can be sure that their tools are performing at their best quality. The devices offer an easy tool to quickly perform in-lab calibration.  The tip cone and ejector can be autoclaved to maintain sterility. 

Light and Comfortable 

Repetitive Strain Injuries are increasingly a problem for users that perform repeated pipetting. Thermo Fisher Techpette Digital Pipettes offer a solution to this problem by specifically avoiding the major causes of RSI. The body of Thermo Fisher Techpette Digital Pipettes is lightweight so that users suffer little strain from holding the pipette for long periods of time. The handle is comfortably shaped to fit in the palm of the hand and the fingerhook serves to distribute the weight throughout the hand.  

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