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Socorex Acura Manual 826 Pipettes


Acura Manual 826 Pipettes Come With a 3 Year Warranty

Benefits of the Acura Manual 826 Pipettes

  • Lightweight. The Acura Manual 826 weighs 83-88 grams, making it easier for you to do prolonged pipetting without stress on your wrist.
  • Low plunger force. First stop starts from ≤1.6 N and ends at ≤2.8 N, second stop starts at ≤9.3 N and ends at ≤11.5, which allows for reduced hand fatigue.
  • Large tip ejector. Equipped with a large tip ejector that is softly padded and serves as a comfortable thumb place.
  • Varied volume range. 8 different pipettes cover a volume range of 0.1 to 1000 uL.
  • Easy tip ejection. The patented Justip™ height adjustment system allows the the best tip fit and ejection of a wide variety of pipette tips.
  • Color-coded caps. The Acura Manual 826 Pipettes have color-coded Smartie button caps which identify the type of pipette tip needed.
  • Durable construction. Heat, chemical, and UV light resistant as well as autoclavable at 121°C / 250 °F.

Socorex Acura 826 Pipettes are Ideal for Research Laboratories

Socorex Acura 826 Pipettes are perfect for research laboratories as well as general research because of their ease of use, superior build, and ergonomic & lightweight design.