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Eppendorf 384-Well Manual and Electronic Pipettes

Eppendorf 384-Well Manual and Electronic Pipettes

The Eppendorf 384-Well pipettes are equipped with SOFTeject technology that reduce ejection forces, the same technology is found in all Eppendorf multichannel pipettes. In addition, all microliter pipettes up to 1000 microliters by Eppendorf are designed with a spring-loaded tip cone for easy tip attachment.
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Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip™ Electronic Pipettes

Perform sample transfers between virtually any tube, rack, microplate or horizontal gel box quickly and efficiently with the Thermo Scientific™ E1-ClipTip™ Equalizer Pipette. Adjustable tip spacing allows you to set the distance between tips by simply sliding the scale to expand or contract to the desired labware format.
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CAPPAero 384-Well Pipettes| 16-, 48-, 64-Channel Pipettes Pipettes for 384-Well Plates

CappAero 384 Pipettes

Capp 384 Pipette is designed for all 384 well liquid handling work and is available in 16-, 48-, and 64- channels.
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