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Matrix Impact Multichannel Electronic Pipette


Matrix Impact Multichannel Electronic Pipette – Ergonomic and Innovative Pipetting

Matrix Impact Electronic Multichannel Pipettes allow you to utilize the power of electronic pipetting in a microplate formats. Not only are Matrix Impact Electronic Multichannel Pipettes lightweight and comfortable, but the step-based programming allows you to perform pipetting routines that would either be cumbersome or just plain impossible with manual pipettes.

Benefits include the lightweight, ergonomic design which increases comfort and reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries (RSI). Trigger-based operation and tip ejection eliminate the work of the thumb and reduce strain when ejecting tips. Step-based programming makes it logical, intuitive and easy to create programs. These features enable the Matrix Impact Electronic Multichannel Pipette to perform all the tasks you might do with a manual pipette - only faster and with less effort - as well as functions that would be impossible with manual pipette models.

Other key features include onboard memory with user programmable 40 steps program, allowing you to spend more time pipetting and less time programming.

A selection of volume ranges are available with the Matrix Impact Multichannel Electronic Pipette, increasing flexibility to perform everything from micro-pipetting to large volume repeat dispensing. Advanced battery technology allows days of work between charges. No memory effect, stepper motor technology and error correction software ensure accurate and precise pipetting, even when performing incremental dispensing, or when operating at the top or bottom of the pipette's volume range. The pipette can be used while plugged in so there is no downtime during recharging.

Matrix Impact Multichannel Electronic Pipette features and benefits:

  • Ergonomic design – lightweight and comfortable
  • Step-based programming system for a variety of pipetting applications
  • Reduced risk of RSI due to trigger-based tip ejection ergonomic design
  • Faster and more effortless pipetting than traditional manual pipettes
  • Onboard memory
  • Long battery life