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Finnpipette Biocontrol Advanced Electronic Pipette


Finnpipette Biocontrol Advanced Electronic Pipette 

The Finnpipette Biocontrol Advanced Electronic Pipettes features a unique and advanced feature for electronic pipetting technology. The special universal handle is compatible with eleven interchangeable tip cone modules and introduces an advanced comfort and performance with the flexibility to work with a multitude of volumes. Finnpipette Biocontrol Advanced Electronic Pipettes are engineered to perform at a high level as a pipette and to provide the variability to work with almost any project. The advanced handle is designed for comfort and allows for maximum usability. Every Finnpipette Biocontrol Advanced Electronic Pipette includes electronic operation features easy-to-use software and highly precise pipetting control. The multichannel modules make working with Finnpipette Biocontrol Advanced Electronic Pipettes the easiest way to fill microplates.  

High Performance Pipetting 

First and foremost, on the Finnpipette Biocontrol Advanced Electronic Pipette is the universal handle. The universal handle features a snap lock system that allows users to change out the multichannel module at the bottom of the device. This means that Finnpipette Biocontrol Advanced Electronic Pipettes can be adjusted to have different amounts of channels and to work with different volumes simply by swapping out the module at the bottom of the device.  

Beyond the flexibility of the snap lock system, Finnpipette Biocontrol Advanced Electronic Pipettes are simply put, great pipettes. The pipetting action is digitally controlled, but the actual trigger is performed with an intuitive and highly functional trigger button. Users can set the Finnpipette Biocontrol Advanced Electronic Pipette to different pipetting modes like regular or stepper to perform otherwise more complex operations. The electronic pipetting allows Finnpipette Biocontrol Advanced Electronic Pipette to be highly accurate, highly productive, and incredibly reliable.  

Safe, Comfortable, and Secure 

Finnpipette Biocontrol Advanced Electronic Pipettes are equipped with a lightweight handle and various ergonomic additions to aid users in working comfortably and easily. The grip and hand interface of Finnpipette Biocontrol Advanced Electronic Pipettes is rounded and compact to fit easily in users’ hands. The trigger button and tip ejection feature low forces so that users can perform regular pipetting operations without a very high risk of injury. The advanced electronic control on Finnpipette Biocontrol Advanced Electronic Pipettes means that users do not have to worry about the secureness of their volume settings or the exact precision of the aspirating and dispensing.  

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