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Impact Equalizer Multichannel Electronic Pipette


Impact Equalizer Multichannel Electronic Pipette – State of the Art Precision Pipetting

What could once only be accomplished through many repetitive and time-consuming motions with a single channel pipette can now be accomplished with the Impact Equalizer Multichannel Electronic Pipette in a fraction of the time with its equal, expandable tip spacing. This instant boost in productivity is the result of equal tip spacing that expands or contracts with the simple adjustment of a slide rod, allowing the pipettor to perform sample transfers between virtually any tube rack, microplate, or horizontal gel box.

The pipette allows plate-to-plate transfers between 96 and 384 microplates, as well as the ability to load gels eight or 12 channels at a time directly from a microplate or tube rack.

The ergonomic design of the Impact Equalizer Multichannel Electronic Pipette reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI). Step-based programming makes it logical, intuitive and easy to create programs. Onboard memory saves six programs (up to 40 steps each) allowing you to spend more time pipetting and less time programming.

The large volume capacity of 1,250 µL per tip allows you to fill an entire microplate with up to 100 µL per well from a single aspiration. Five volume ranges and two spacing ranges available allows for the flexibility to pipet between many types of labware. The Equalizer’s tips can be spaced anywhere from 9 mm (96 well microplates) to 14.15 mm (12-13 mm tube rack spacing or 48 well plates) in increments of 0.1mm.

The distance between tips is always equal—simply set the desired spacing anywhere on the scale and pull or push the rod to expand or contract the tips. This can be done while the tips are empty or full, enabling the quick and easy transfer of multiple samples at once between labware with different configurations.

Impact Equalizer Multichannel Electronic Pipette features and benefits:

  • Expandable tip spacing for liquid transfer between multiple vessel and plate formats
  • Ergonomic design – lightweight and comfortable
  • Step-based programming system for a variety of pipetting applications
  • Reduced risk of RSI due to trigger-based tip ejection ergonomic design
  • Faster and more effortless pipetting than traditional manual pipettes
  • Onboard memory
  • Long battery life