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VistaLab Ovation Single Channel Pipette

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VistaLab Ovation Single Channel Pipette

The adjustable hook of Ovation can be easily positioned for a custom fit for left- or right-handed users. Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Volume setting is indicated by a LCD readout on the pipetter handle. Significantly improves postures and reduces forces associated with pipetting. Five popular volume settings can be programmed and recalled by pressing a single button. Energy release button stores the energy captured during the acquisition of tips and uses energy to push off the tip at the gentle push of a button. Low-force, form-fitting plunger allows user to manually control the speed of aspirating and dispensing with minimal effort. Nozzle with replaceable filter prevents contamination of pipette. Stands securely on the counter before, during, and after the job. No risk of contamination. In lab calibration adjusted with internal software.

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