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EDOS Advanced Pipetting Station


Eppendorf has created this extremely versatile and efficient dispensing system for all tasks in laboratory liquid handling. With EDOS , high sample throughput or highly demanding dispensing jobs are no longer a problem.The smallest volume which can be set is 1/125 of the corresponding Combitip. Simple programming through easy-to-follow user menus presented on a clear LCD layout allows individual and very efficient utilization in various different areas of application. The option of automatic control of the EDOS 5222 via a personal computer is also available. Like the Multipette pro, EDOS 5222 also has automatic Combitip recognition. With automatic Combitip ejection, Eppendorf has expanded its range of safety features. EDOS 5222 represents a great leap forward in laboratory work. Versatility and precision as part of the cost-benefit analysis combine to form a highly efficient liquid handling unit.