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Proline Plus Single Channel Pipette


Proline Plus Single Chanel Pipettes Offer High Quality and Light Pipetting Forces

Benefits of the Proline Plus Single Channel Pipettes

  • Durable. Proline Plus Single Channel Pipettes have a high chemical and UV resistance to ensure the durability of your pipette and experiment.
  • Varied volume range. Proline Plus Single Channel covers 0.1 uL to 10 mL.
  • Optiload tip loading. For simple tip loading and ejection, the Optiload tip loading system allows for excellent tip sealing in multichannel models.
  • Color-coded. The color-coding on display corresponds to color coding on tip trays to make identification easier.
  • Safe Cone Filters. The Filters prevent contamination and keep your results precise and secure.
  • Warranty. The Proline Plus Single Channel Pipettes come with a 2 year warranty.
  • Fully autoclavable. The Proline Plus has only 2-3 parts to disassemble, making it easier to perform preventative maintenance and extend the life of your pipette.

 The Proline Plus Single Channel Improves Your Results

The Proline Plus is a high-quality pipette that has reduced pipetting force to prevent repetitive stress injuries (RSI) like Carpal Tunnel and tendinitis. The finger hook provides a relaxed grip and good balance which promotes fatigue-free pipetting. Compatible with a wide range of pipette tips, it is also suitable for everyday laboratory applications.

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