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Drummond Wiretrol I & II


Drummond Wiretrol I & II

The Drummond Wiretrol I & II are economical positive displacement micropipettes with fingertip control. The Drummond Wiretrol I & II provide the accuracy and high-speed action generally found in expensive microdispensers, but at a fraction of the cost. The unique combination of a disposable precision bore calibrated micropipette and a stainless steel plunger with fingertip handle means that the Drummond Wiretrol I & II will accept both high and low viscosity liquids, including corrosive ones.

Drummond Wiretrol I

The Drummond Wiretrol I is an economical positive displacement micropipette with fingertip control. Ideal for a wide variety of applications, it comes with 100 glass micropipettes and 1 reusable plunger.

Drummond Wiretrol II

The Drummond Wiretrol II has dual graduations for non-contact delivery with both standard length and short length plungers. The Wiretrol II provides the accuracy and convenience of the Wiretrol I but with these added benefits.

Instructions for use:

  • Assemble piston and bore: insert the piston into the color-coded (wide printed band near one end) end of the glass bore. This end has been flame polished to prevent damage to the PTFE piston.
  • Insert the Wiretrol into the fluid to be dispensed. Hold the bore between the thumb and third finger and operate the plunger with the index finger. Draw up the thumb and third finger and operate the plunger with the index finger. Draw up the sample until the bottom of the piston intersects the desired calibration line.
  • Dispense the sample by depressing the piston until the handle touches the bore. If dispensing into a diluent, simply swirling the core and tip in the fluid will remove any excess sample.
  • Accuracy: ±1% T. D.
  • Note: The short plunger is ideal for use when cross-contamination is a risk. The plunger is aligned with the upper calibration mark and the sample is then drawn up to the lower calibration mark, one-half of the stated volume. When the plunger is depressed the sample is delivered. Since the plunger has not contaminated with the sample, it may be reused.

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