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Gilson Pipetman Traditional Shaft Pipette

Gilson Pipetman Traditional Shaft Pipette

The Gilson Pipetman Traditional Shaft Pipette is designed and manufactured to be robust, accurate and precise. The Gilson Pipetman Traditional Shaft Pipette is a fully adjustable air-displacement pipette with the selected volume displayed in decimal digits on the mechanical volume indicator along the side of the pipette.
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Profillette Manual Pipette Filler

Wheaton Profillete manual pipette filler for use with serological pipettes
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WHEATON PIPET PAL Pipet Controller

Equipped with the newest technology providing a faster pipetting speed and a light build, helps you reduce your work time and offer you an ergonomic pipetting experience. Unparalleled pipetting precision - perfect weight balance - a colorful finish.
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Wheaton Organo Bottle Top Dispensers 525/530

Wheaton Organo Bottle Top Dispensers 525/530

Wheaton Organo Bottle Top Dispensers 525/530 is intended for safe and reproducible liquid distribution of volumes up to 25, 50 and 100 mL. Both models have the option of the stopcock, adding flexibility and safety.
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Wheaton Calibra 832 Solid Calibration Macro Pipett

These pipettes are autoclavable without disassembly or recalibration, are color-coded to ensure proper tip selection, and are lighter in weight. Socorex Calibra® Digital Pipettes are more comfortable and ergonomic, with a rounded finger rest, and a soft plunger travel that reduces operator fatigue. Setting wheel locks eliminate accidental volume alteration, and these pipettes feature a ...
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Wheaton 815 Fixed Volume Pipette

The air displacement fixed volume pipettes includes slim ergonomic design, ultra-soft plunger stroke, autoclavability, and much more. Available in a wide selection of 1, 5 and 10 µL ultra-micro volumes, micro sizes from 10 to 1000 µL and macro models of 2, 2.5, 5 and 10 mL.
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DWK Acurex Calibrex 501 Compact Bottletop Dispenser

DWK Acurex Calibrex 501 Compact Bottletop Dispense

Low profile dispensers for safe reagent handling adapted to refrigerator storage as well as water bath heating. Volumes range from 0.2 to 30 mL. Dosing mechanism protected inside reservoir. Retractable graduated column reduces instrument height. Fluid path made of inert materials excluding any metal. Choice of four reservoir sizes, two glass qualities. Fully autoclavable at 121° C / 250° ...
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Pipettes| Certified Refurbished| Used| Reconditioned| Pipet Promos

Certified Refurbished Pipette Promotions

Pipettes| Certified Refurbished | Used| Reconditioned| Pipet Promos
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