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Benchmark myBlock Mini DryBath


Benchmark myBlock Mini DryBathBenchmark myBlock Mini DryBath – Compact and Customizable, for Heating or Cooling

The Benchmark MyBlock™ Mini is a personal sized dry bath that fits in the palm of your hand. Six aluminum blocks are available for the Benchmark MyBlock Mini DryBath, covering a range of tube sizes from 0.2 mL to 50 mL to suit a variety of laboratory drybath needs.

With its compact design and sturdy construction, the Benchmark myBlock Mini DryBath is ideal for any sized lab. The unit has a broad temperature range from +5 – 100 °C for the BSH200 or -25 to 100 °C for the BSH300. It also has multiple block options available to suit your specific needs, as mentioned above, making the Benchmark myBlock Mini DryBath the perfect tool for laboratory incubations involving tubes of any size within the range above. By combining a number of different blocks, you can use the one unit for various tube sizes, simply by changing the block. The simple touchpad controls and a digital display provide for "set and walk away" temperature selection and unrivaled accuracy.

While perfect for bench use, the optional 12V adapter expands the utility of the Benchmark myBlock Mini DryBath to field use. This feature, combined with the compact design of the unit, makes the Benchmark myBlock Mini DryBath a very versatile and portable unit. At less than 4.3 inches wide, this unit is truly the first personal dry block incubator.

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