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Labnet LabRoller™ Laboratory Mixing Rotator


LabRoller Laboratory Mixing Rotator is Heavy Duty

Labnet's LabRoller™ Laboratory Mixing Rotators can be used on the bench for general mixing applications and Western blotting. They can also be placed in temperature controlled environments, from 4° to 65°C, expanding their use to Northern and Southern hybridizations. The rotation speed is variable, from 0 to 50rpm, to provide the specific level of agitation required for a variety of applications. A three hour timer with hold position controls operation.

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Variable speed and adjustable rotation axis
  • Optional accessories include rotisseries and a rocking platform
  • Safe for use in temperature controlled environments

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Catalog # Description   Price Qty
H1264-HA Labnet Rotisserie for 64x 1.5mL Tubes or 32x 15mL Tubes, Held Horizontally, Fits H-5000 Only, BNWmore...
H1264-VA Labnet Rotisserie for 64 X 1.5mL Tubes or 32 X 15mL Tubes, Vertical, Fits H-5000 Only, BNWmore...
H5000 Labnet LabRoller Rotator (Order Rotisserie and Carousel Separately), 120V, BNWmore...
H5100 Labnet Compact Lab roller Rotator (Order Carousel Separately), 120V, BNWmore...

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