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CELLTREAT Erlenmeyer & Fernbach Flask


CELLTREAT Erlenmeyer and Fernbach Flasks – Optimized for Cell Culture Applications

Transfer Assembly for 3L Fernbach Flask

CELLTREAT supports a variety of cell culture and suspension culture applications and towards that end they have designed their Erlenmeyer and Fernbach Flasks to optimally serve as vessels for culture experiments. For convenience, all flasks are bagged individually but sold in packs of 4. This way users do not need to open all 4 when wanting to use only 1. The flasks are also sterilized prior to distribution via gamma radiation.

Engineered for Success – Accessibility, Functionality, and Optimization

Since visibility is so important when working in cell culture, CELLTREAT constructs their Erlenmeyer and Fernbach flasks using optically clear, autoclavable polycarbonate to ensure users can easily and conveniently view their cultures. Flasks are also designed to allow easy access, not just easy viewing. CELLTREAT included a 70mm opening that allows users convenient access for filling and dispensing. The large opening means that liquid handling tools can easily reach in and dispense or aspirate.

Apart from easy visibility and access, the flasks also include an optimized cap and body design. The top of the cap includes an over-sized vent area so that gas exchange can occur more efficiently. Users can choose between plain or baffled bottom flasks depending on which style more effectively fits their experiment.  Baffled bottoms allow for improved mixing and aeration.

Fernbach Flasks for Improved Efficiency – Optimized for Growth

CELLTREAT Fernbach Flasks are designed specifically to optimize the space inside the flask for cell culture applications. The larger bottom of the Fernbach Flasks, as compared to Erlenmeyer Flasks, increases the surface area to volume ratio. This means that there is more room for cell growth to occur without necessarily having to use more volume of reagents. Furthermore, CELLTREAT Fernbach Flasks are available in up to 3L size.

Transfer Assembly

The venting port ends in a 50mm diameter vent filter with a 0.2μm pore PTFE (hydrophobic) membrane and a barbed fitting. On the external side you will find 1/8” ID x 1/4” OD weldable C-Flex® tubing ending in a male luer lock (MLL) closed with a threaded PP cap. The liquid transfer port has an internal end with rigid polypropylene dip tube with a notched end to reach the bottom of the flask. Individually double bagged and gamma irradiated sterile. Transfer assembly is compatible with the 3L Fernbach Flask.



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