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Petri Dish Dispenser


Petri Dish Dispenser - Sturdy Acrylic Dispenser for Your Petri Dishes

The Petri Dish Dispenser from Heathrow Scientific is now available here at These sturdy acrylic Petri dish dispensers hold up to thirty 100 mm Petri dishes in two easy-to-access partitions. This provides the user with quick and simple access and dispensing of Petri dishes, as well as an organised method of storage. Having two separate compartments in which to store your Petri dishes allows scientists to store two different styles of Petri dishes in the on Petri dish dispenser unit.

These Petri dish dispensers are ideal for not only storage of Petri dishes, but are also ideally suited to transporting Petri dishes in a secure and safe manner, or placing a number of Petri dishes in an incubator. These Petri dish dispensers can be placed on a bench or counter top surface, or mount on a wall (the required mounting screws are included). The Petri dish dispenser measures 222 x 107 x 236 mm in size, providing Petri dish storage and dispensing with a minimal lab surface footprint, one that is not much larger than the footprint of two stacks of Petri dishes alone.

Freely stacking Petri dishes is fine, but when it comes to your research and valuable time and samples you do not want to have to worry about dishes getting knocked over or samples being mixed up. These units provide you with added security and peace of mind that your Petri dishes are securely stored and can be easily accessed any time you need to examine or work with them.

Petri Dish Dispenser features and benefits:

  • Sturdy acrylic holds up to 30 x 100 mm dishes in two easy-access partitions
  • Bench top or wall mountable (screws provided)
  • Measures 222 x 107 x 236 mm also carries a complete line of contact plates, sterile Petri dishes, treated and non treated Petri dishes, square Petri dishes with a grid or compartments, absorbent pad Petri dishes, cell spreaders and spatulas. Please contact us if you need additional product specifications. Find all of these on the Petri Dishes page.

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HS23452 Heathrow Scientific acrylic petri dish dispenser, holds up to thirty 100 mm dishes, counter or wall mount (screws included), 222 x 107 x 236 mm, BNWmore...

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