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BRAND Polypropylene & Deep Well Plates


BRAND polystyrene and polypropylene microtitration plates are excellent for cell and tissue culture, sample storage, immunological assays, and other applications. Plates have 96- or 384-wells and are available in volumes of 0.3mL, 0.5mL, 1.1mL, and 2.2mL.

The non-sterile PP plates, manufactured from high-quality virgin propylene, are autoclavable and resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, including phenols, chloroform, and DMS. In addition, the PP plates can withstand temperatures as low as -80ºC/-112ºF, making them excellent for cold-room applications and cryo-storage.

Wells are labeled in a standard alpha-numeric pattern to simplify sample identification, and are stackable for easy storage. Notched corners facilitate orientation in robotic samples and automated liquid-handling systems.

BRAND 96-well and 384-well plates may be used with flexible mat covers or adhesive sealing films to reduce sample evaporation and contamination.

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Catalog # Description   Price Qty
701330 BrandTech 96 well plate, Non-Sterile, Clear, U-Bottom, PP, 330uL, 10 bags of 10 plates| 100 per Pack, BNWmore...
701340 BrandTech Deep 96-well Plate, 1.2mL, Polypropylene, stackable, 50/pack, BNWmore...
701346 BrandTech 96 well Deep Well Plate, 0.5mL, PP, Round Bottom, pack of 48 , BNWmore...
701350 BrandTech 96 well Deep Well Plate, 1.1mL, PP, Non-Sterile, Round Bottom, pack of 24, BNWmore...
701352 BrandTech 96 well Deep Well Plate, 1.1mL, PS, Round Bottom, pack of 32, BNWmore...
701354 BrandTech 96 well Deep Well Plate, 2.2mL, PP, Square, pack of 24, BNWmore...
701355 BrandTech 384 well Deep Well Plate, 0.3mL, PP, Square Bottom, pack of 48, BNWmore...

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