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Benchmark Bench Rocker 2D


Benchmark Bench Rocker 2DBenchmark Bench Rocker 2D

These BR2000 rockers are designed to provide the precise speeds and tilt angles required for a broad range of molecular and biological mixing and rocking applications.  The Bench Rocker 2D allows you to adjust both parameters to match the vessel size and the volume of liquid being mixed. Bench Rocker 2D by Benchmark is one of the best options for yielding optimum results.

There are various accessory options that allow you to customize the unit to meet your specific rocking needs.Bench Rocker 2D is compact and light rocker with a 12-pound load capacity. This rocker is ideal for mixing of samples and staining of gels.  The robust build and reliable mixing make the Bench Rocker 2D a great option for laboratory applications. Benchmark’s Bench Rocker 2D delivers the reliability and performance needed to complete research projects in both academia and industry.

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