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Rainin EDP-Plus Electronic Pipette


Rainin EDP-Plus Electronic Pipette 

Computers have improved technology throughout our lives and they can improve technology right in the palm of your hand. Rainin EDP-Plus Electronic Pipettes are designed with an onboard computer that controls pipetting so users don’t have to. Complex experiments require hundreds of aspirating/dispensing cycles and with each one, the increased risk of accuracy or precision loss. Rainin EDP-Plus Electronic Pipettes remove the uncertainty by using motorized internal parts that can perform pipetting exactly the same each time and to the exact volume entered on the pipette. Rainin EDP-Plus Electronic Pipettes are easy to use and easy to hold – they are the perfect tool for every member in the lab! 

Advanced Accuracy and Precision 

Rainin EDP-Plus Electronic Pipettes use a motorized linear actuator to control the internal movement of the piston. Traditional pipettes rely on users pushing and releasing the piston via a plunger. Over time, this means that users can make mistakes by pressing the plunger incorrectly or accidentally changing the volume. Rainin EDP-Plus Electronic Pipettes mitigate both of these risks by transferring control to the miniature onboard computer.  

The linear actuator, which is in turn controlled by the miniature onboard computer, ensures that the piston is moved exactly as set, at the exact set speed, every time the pipette is triggered. The electronic control on Rainin EDP-Plus Electronic Pipettes adds an extra level of consistency and reproducibility that traditional pipettes cannot. Furthermore, the volume is set electronically using a keyboard on every Rainin EDP-Plus Electronic Pipette. This means that the volume cannot be changed accidentally. Software on Rainin EDP-Plus Electronic Pipettes also allows users to set the speed of aspiration/dispensing for times when users need to work with variably viscous liquids.  

Comfortable and Easy 

Every Rainin EDP-Plus Electronic Pipette comes equipped with Rainin ergonomic engineering. These pipettes are lightweight, fit comfortably in the palm of the hand, and can be operated with only one hand. The keyboard is simple and intuitive along with the clear display. The tip ejector button requires only a gentle press and reduces strain on users’ hands. Overall Rainin EDP-Plus Electronic Pipettes are designed to be easy on the hands and easy on users. Every user can quickly learn to operate the Rainin EDP-Plus Electronic Pipette and improve their workload and throughput.  

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