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Rainin Pos-D Positive Displacement Pipette

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Rainin Pos-D Positive Displacement Pipette 

Problem liquids can bring progress to a halt and can even destroy traditional pipettes. Rainin Pos-D Positive Displacement Pipettes are designed to work with difficult solutions that can otherwise get stuck or spill out of a traditional pipette. Rainin Pos-D Positive Displacement Pipettes are equipped with positive displacement technology that allows the device to work with even solutions that have high densities, viscosities, or vapor pressures. Especially when working with tough projects that require high accuracy, high precision, and the ability to work with difficult solutions, there is no better tool than Rainin Pos-D Positive Displacement Pipettes. 

Positive Displacement Technology for Difficult Liquids 

Traditional pipettes use an air-displacement system that pushes and pulls liquids by moving air within the device. Rainin Pos-D Positive Displacement Pipettes instead use a positive displacement system that creates a direct connection between physical displacement and volume dispensed. This means that while high density, high viscosity, or high vapor pressure liquids will be wrongly displaced by traditional pipettes, a positive displacement device like a Rainin Pos-D Positive Displacement Pipette could accurately aspirate/dispense these. Furthermore, the piston in each Rainin Pos-D Positive Displacement Pipette that causes the displacement, also creates a positive wiping action that ensure all liquid is dispensed without losing droplets in the process. Traditional pipettes cannot work well with these liquids and will often suffer internal damage or will pipette inaccurately or without precision.  

Advanced Ergonomics and Cleanliness 

Rainin Pos-D Positive Displacement Pipettes use pre-assembled capillary tips. These tips include a syringe that helps ensure accuracy and precision, but also eliminates cross-contamination. Capillary tips are disposable, which further eliminates the risk of cross-contamination since users will no longer have to handle contaminated tips that might leak out of either end.  

Each Rainin Pos-D Positive Displacement Pipette features a comfortable grip with a finger hook that allows the pipette to easily balance in the hand. The plunger is easily reached without causing discomfort in the fingers. Rainin Pos-D Positive Displacement Pipettes have an easy to view volume display and the volume control can be easily operated. Rainin Pos-D Positive Displacement Pipettes make it easy to work with even difficult liquids and the operation is easy enough to do with one hand.  

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