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Drummond Dialamatic Microdispensers


Drummond Dialamatic Microdispensers

Drummond Dialamatic Microdispensers use an adjustable direct reading plunger to set the volume, with the delivery scale engraved directly onto the plunger shaft. Fractional deliveries are possible with Drummond Dialamatic Microdispensers using pre-marked indexes with a volumetric accuracy of ±1% (at full volume). Drummond Dialamatic Microdispensers combine Borosilicate glass bores with stainless steel plungers. There are Teflon tips on all plungers 25 µL or larger. The sample delivery with Drummond Dialamatic Microdispensers being within a ±1% full-scale volumetric tolerance is assured through the use of the Drummond Precision Glass Bores.

To preset sample delivery volumes using Drummond Dialamatic Microdispensers, the plunger should be turned clockwise until the desired sample size is opposite the reference mark on the end cap. To return the unit to its full capacity turn the plunger counterclockwise. Two scales are provided on the 10 uL and the 100 uL units. To dispense a sample size that lies between the units on your Drummond Dialamatic Microdispensers, please note that you can interpolate by adding or subtracting parts of a turn based on the table in the user manual – see Manuals/Specifications tab.

To collect samples, depress the plunger fully, immerse the tip into the solution and release the plunger slowly. The exterior of the glass bore should be wiped free of any excess sample with a wiper, being careful to avoid drawing any sample from the end of the capillary. Expel the sample by depressing the plunger completely. Touch the tip of the tube to the side of the receiving vessel or swirl the tip in diluent to remove the entire sample. For best results, store your Microdispenser with a new and unused bore or a without any bore at all.

Drummond Dialamatic Microdispensers features and benefits:

  • The adjustable, direct reading plunger sets the volume to be collected and dispensed.
  • The delivery scale is engraved on the plunger shaft.
  • Fractional deliveries are possible with the pre-marked indexes.
  • A volumetric accuracy of ±1% (at full volume).
  • Comprised of Borosilicate glass bores with stainless steel plungers and PTFE tips on all plungers 25 μL or larger.

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