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Gilson Microman Pipette


Gilson Microman Pipette

Gilson’s Microman is a fully-adjustable, positive-displacement pipette that, together with its disposable Capillary Pistons (CPs), will assure accuracy and precision—even with problem liquids. Six models cover a wide range of volumes from 1 µL to 1000 µl.

CPs are designed, developed and manufactured to fit Gilson Microman Pipettes perfectly. They ensure optimal performance of your Gilson Microman Pipette across the full volume range.

Working like a syringe, capillary pistons eliminate the air cushion between the sample and the disposable piston, providing 100% protection against pipette contamination and producing accurate, reproducible, and precise results every time.

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Gilson Microman Pipette features and benefits:

  • Accuracy & Precision

    • The use of Gilson’s pipetting system (MICROMAN fitted with Capillary Piston) guarantees accuracy and precision.

    • Ideal for non-aqueous liquids: Viscous, dense, volatile or potentially dangerous liquids, radioactive or corrosive reagents.

  • Contamination Free
    • Contamination-free pipetting and protection for the user — no contact between the sample and the pipette, even with aerosols or corrosive vapors.
    • Free of dyes, no risk of contamination from the CP’s components.
  • High Quality
    • Large volume range from 1 µL to 1000 µL with six different models to offer the best results.
    • Capillaries made of pure polypropylene.
  • Lightweight and slim CPs that fit in even the narrowest and deepest tubes.
  • Patented QuickSnap CP fitting system allows you to fit a capillary piston on to MICROMAN E as simply as fitting a standard tip to a standard pipette.

  • Volume Securing Button (image to the left) allows for easy volume adjustment and minimizes the risk of accidentally changing the volume during pipetting cycles.

  • Award Winning Design of the MICROMAN E received the Red Dot Product Design Award 2015 for its unique design language in the Life Science and Medicine Category.
  • Improved comfort and ease-of-use:
    • A newly shaped handle, with an added finger hook, rests comfortably in your hand
    • Fully visible volumeter on the front of the body, so you can easily see the volume while pipetting
    • Large push button allows you to aspirate and dispense with ease