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Eppendorf 4830 Positive Displacement Pipette


Eppendorf Biomaster 4830 Positive Displacement Pipette Creates Contamination Free Pipetting


Eppendorf Biomaster Positive Displacement Pipette

  • Contamination free.  Positive displacement Mastertip® eliminates the formation of aerosols.
  • Simplicity.  One-button operation for fast and ergonomic pipetting with even the most viscous solutions or high-vapor pressure liquids.
  • Fully autoclavable.  UV-Resistant and fully autoclavable for easy decontamination.
  • Ergonomic.  Lightweight and easy to read volume display provide for ergonomic use reducing repetitive strain.
  • Volume Range. Capable of pipetting volumes accurately between 1 µL to 20 µL.

Why the Eppendorf Biomaster Positive Displacement Pipette?

The Eppendorf Biomaster Pipette is an easy to use, ergonomic pipette that utilizes the positive displacement principle in conjunction with the special Mastertip® to eliminate the formation of aerosols – the most common cause for pipette and sample contamination.  While being simple, this piece of equipment is ideal for accurately pipetting viscous and high-pressure vapor liquids.

Popular Applications:

  • DNA and RNA isolation
  • Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry (MS)
  • Oil and hydrocarbon analysis
  • Protein purification involving alcohols and other volatile liquids
  • Preparation of media with high serum concentration
  • Radioactive T Cell Assays (CTL) and Radioimmunoassays (RIA)

Biomaster PCR Positive Displacement Pipette Supplementary Products and Services can calibrate, service and repair your Eppendorf Pipettes

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