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CELLTREAT Pipet Controllers


CELLTREAT Automatic Pipet Controller offers the user-friendly Automatic Pipet Controller by CELLTREAT Scientific Products for your everyday serological pipette liquid handling applications. The ergonomic design and light weight build allow the user to comfortably work on their projects. The low-pressure control buttons protect users from muscle strain. The Automatic Pipet Controller offers flexibility to the user through the adjustable speed dial and cordless operating. The Electronic Pipet Controller fits any serological pipette in the 1mL to 100mL range, has an 8-hour cordless operating capacity with a 2-hour charge. This premier product is essential for any lab and will increase your overall lab productivity. The high quality and efficient Automatic Pipet Controller is the perfect match to streamline your research projects or your manufacturing projects.

CELLTREAT Manual Pipet Controller also carries the user-friendly Manual Pipet Controller manufactured by CELLTREAT Scientific Products. The high-quality Manual Pipet Controller is the ideal candidate for any of your serological pipette liquid handling needs in the lab. The ergonomic design and light weight build enable the user to comfortably work on projects. The low-pressure squeeze bulb protects users from muscle strain. This controller does not require batteries or power source. The pipette controller squeeze bulb is designed to draw fluid up into pipets at up to 50mL per squeeze. The user has total control of the aspirating and dispensing speed through the thumb lever. Also, the press button ensures all liquid is dispensed from the serological pipette. The Manual Pipet Controller fits any serological pipette in the 1mL to 100mL range. The high quality and durable build make the Manual Pipet Controller the perfect match for any research or manufacturing setting. proudly provides our customers the CELLTREAT Scientific Products Automatic Serological pipet controller and Manual Pipet Controller.

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