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Oxford LP Benchmate Multichannel Pipette


Oxford LP Benchmate Multichannel PipetteAutoclavable and UV Resistant Pipette is Ideal for Sterile Laboratory Work

The Oxford Lab Products BenchMate Manual Pipette is available in both single channel and multichannel configurations. These mechanical pipettes bring the durability and quality every scientist needs at prices they can afford. The Oxford Lab Products BenchMate Single Channel and Multichannel Pipette line is designed for comfort, fatigue reduction, durability, and precise pipetting.

These multichannel pipettes are solidly constructed, high-quality alternatives to the Gilson Classic pipette design. The BenchMate Single and Multichannel Pipette range features eight different but commonly required volume ranges between 0.1 µL and 10 mL. Therefore allowing scientists to cover a wide variety of applications in their lab.

BenchMate Single and Multichannel Pipette units are made from PTFE plastic in combination with proprietary technology. Thus ensuring consistent air travel for precise and accurate pipetting. The BenchMate Single and Multichannel Pipette is easy to use, with ergonomic single-handed operation and locking mechanism. The unit is fully autoclavable (121 ⁰C for 20 minutes). These pipettes provide improved dispensing accuracy and precision for micro-volumes, partly because of the hyper blowout technology. The ceramic plunger of the BenchMate Single and Multichannel Pipette provides greater durability and enhanced UV resistance for under the hood work.


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