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Oxford Pipettes

Oxford Lab Products Pipettes - The New Standard in Pipetting 

Oxford Manual Single Channel Pipettes, Multichannel Pipettes, and New Electronic Pipettes is the exclusive distributor of Oxford Lab Products re-launched line of pipettes and equipment. Oxford Lab Products is back and better than ever!  New ergonomic technology and innovate design make the Oxford Benchmate and Benchmate L pipette models one of the most innovative pipettes on the market.

These lightweight pipettes are designed for either left-hand or right-hand use while also offering precise and accurate pipetting.  Featuring a 3-year warranty on top of their ergonomic, sleek designs, Oxford pipettes fit into any laboratory setting.

Introducing the New Oxford Benchmate E Electronic Pipette

The Oxford Benchmate E Electronic Pipette is a versatile piece of equipment that will fit into any laboratory setting requiring a pipette. With an intuitive graphic interface displaying each of the 5 modes of pipetting possible, the Oxford Benchmate E is user friendly and flexible. Lightweight and ergonomic, the Benchmate E will aspirate and dispense liquid with repeatable results. This line of electronic pipettes is ideal for laboratories that require precise measurements between operators while also working at a faster pace than would be normal when using a mechanical pipette. Electronic pipettes reduce the risk of RSI and remain consistent through all measurements.

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Oxford LP Benchmate: The Oxford LP Benchmate Pipette line is a mechanical pipette line offering both single and multichannel designed for comfort, fatigue reduction, durability, and precise pipetting. These pipettes are fully autoclavable and come with hyper blow out technology to improve dispensing accuracy. The Oxford LP Benchmate line of pipettes also feature enhanced UV resistance for work within the hood. The ability to be autoclaved and UV resistant means that the Oxford LP Benchmate line of pipettes are ideal for working in any sterile laboratory that handles operations such as Cell and Bacteria culture. Available in both new and refurbished conditions, the Benchmate mechanical pipettes are affordable and reliable.

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Oxford LP Benchmate Single Channel Pipette

Oxford LP Benchmate Single Channel Pipette

Durable, quality alternative to Gilson Classic pipette design. Easy and convenient single hand locking lever. Eight sizes to cover a wide volume range from 0.1µL to 10mL. PTFE Plastic used in combination with proprietary technology to ensure consistent air travel for precise and accurate pipetting.
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Oxford Benchmate E Electronic Pipette

Oxford BenchMate E Electronic Pipette

The Oxford Benchmate E Electronic Pipette is an extremely ergonomic pipette with an intuitive user interface, while boasting precise and accurate pipetting. 
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Oxford LP Benchmate L Single Channel Manual Pipette

Oxford LP Benchmate L Single Channel Pipette

The new standard in single channel manual pipetting Smoothest plunger force on the market Lightweight durable design Fully Autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes
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Free 1000uL Pipette!
Oxford LP Benchmate Multichannel Pipette

Oxford LP Benchmate Multichannel Pipette

Autoclavable and UV Resistant Pipette is Ideal for Sterile Laboratory Work like Cell and Bacteria Culture.
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Oxford Benchmate E Electronic Multichannel Pipette

Oxford Benchmate E Electronic Multichannel Pipette

Introducing the electronic multichannel pipette by Oxford Lab Products.  The Oxford Benchmate E electronic multichannel pipette features an easy to use, color graphic interface and 5 pipetting modes. 
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Benchmate I & II Single Channel Pipette

Listing certified refurbished original Oxford Benchmate I and Benchmate II
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Oxford 8000 Series Sampler

The Oxford brand P-8000 Series Micropipetting system is a single-channel, piston-driven, air-displacement pipette. The design minimizes dead-air space, resulting in exceptional precision and accuracy. The handle provides high thermal insulation to virtually eliminate heat transfer to the inner mechanism, maximizing consistency and repeatability. Advanced ergonomic features, including the ...
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Oxford Lab Products AccuTop Bottle Top Dispensers

AccuTop Bottle Top Dispensers

Oxford Lab Products AccuTop Bottle Top Dispenser is an ergonomically designed bottle top dispenser that is ideal for quick and easy use. The AccuTop Bottle Top Dispenser offers stellar performance in addition to being extremely durable and reliable
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