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Nichiryo Nichipet EX II Single Channel Pipette


Nichiryo Nichipet EX II - Affordable Quality and Performance

Nichiryo Nichipet EX II is an affordable and durable alternative to the Gilson style pipettes. Fully autoclavable the EX II provides a fatigue-free operation with enlarged finger rest. The EX II features eight different sizes covering a volume range of 0.1µl-10ml and an easy single-hand locking lever.

Complete List of EX II Features

  • PTFE ( Fluorine resin ) is used in the airtight chamber of the instrument, so the instrument keeps its air tightness and precise reproducibility for long hours.
  • Fully autoclavable. ( 121? for 20 minutes )
  • Enhanced UV resistance.
  • Hyper Blower System, longer second - push stroke, improves dispensing efficiency between 2μL and 10μL
  • Easy digital volume setting.
  • Ceramic plungers are used for volume models larger than 200μL.
  • Filtered Nozzles are used for volume models larger than 1000μL.
  • Tip ejector is made of plastic to avoid damaging glass tubes.