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Nichiryo Nichipet Premium LT Pipette


Nichiryo Nichipet Premium LT Pipette 

Pipetting can be difficult especially when you have to pipette hundreds of times and the plunger forces start to affect your hand and wrist. However, Nichiryo Nichipet Premium LT Pipettes are the solution to the increasingly dangerous risk of Repetitive Strain Injuries. Advanced plunger engineering allows the Nichiryo Nichipet Premium LT Pipette to provide extreme accuracy and precision without the typical force associated with this kind of control. Furthermore, Nichiryo Nichipet Premium LT Pipettes are equipped with advanced materials to ensure that the pipette performs well and maintains performance throughout its lifetime. The advanced ergonomics are apparent in the lightweight body, comfortable finger rest, and rounded shape that fits comfortably in a palm.  

Lowest Plunger Force 

Repetitive Strain Injuries are the bane of a scientist's hand health. It may seem inconsequential, but throughout the course of pipetting work, there might be thousands of plunger presses and releases. Nichiryo Nichipet Premium LT Pipettes are designed to mitigate the risk of RSI. The plunger is especially engineered to require 70% less pressure during aspirating and dispensing. This allows users to operate the Nichiryo Nichipet Premium LT Pipette without a high potential for injury.  

Comfortable Hand Fit 

Nichiryo Nichipet Premium LT Pipettes feature a lightweight, comfortable design that tucks easily into user’s hands. The fingerhook on Nichiryo Nichipet Premium LT Pipettes wraps lightly and easily around user’s fingers and leverages the pipette into the palm of the hand. As a result, Nichiryo Nichipet Premium LT Pipettes lead to less fatigue. This comfortable fit combines with a shorter plunger to ensure that users can continue to work comfortably without continuously stretching and straining their hand muscles.  

Quality Components 

Nichiryo Nichipet Premium LT Pipettes are manufactured with high quality components that ensure performance throughout the whole product lifetime. The seal ring in Nichiryo Nichipet Premium LT Pipettes specifically has been tested to last over 600,000 uses. This seal is an important fit in the pipette and ensures accuracy and precision are maintained. Furthermore, larger models use a ceramic plunger to prevent corrosion from harsh solvents.