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Nichiryo Nichipet Premium Single Channel Pipette

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Nichipet Premium Single Channel Pipette are Comfortable and Durable

Benefits of the Nichiryo Nichipet Premium Single Channel Pipette

  • Durable plunger. Non-corrosive ceramic is used in the plunger (100 uL-10000 uL).
  • Strong seal ring. The seal ring is tested dispensing.aspiring 600,000 times; non-greased plunger makes it easy to maintain (2 uL-1000 uL).
  • Hyper Blower System. Contains longer second push stroke which improves dispensing efficiency (2 uL, 10 uL, 20 uL).
  • Hand temperature. Hand temperature does not permeate through the body of the pipette which works to avoid affecting volume measurement.
  • Design. New round shape which enables for fatigue free pipetting and an enlarged push button which makes it easy to depress.
  • Warranty. The Nichipet Premium Single Channel Pipette comes with a 5-year warranty.

Why the Nichipet Premium Single Channel Pipette?

The Nichipet Premium is newly designed to be more ergonomic and tolerant to solvents and high impacts. It is ideal for all laboratories because of its comfort, durability, stability, and strength.

Nichipet Premium Supplementary Products and Services

  • carries a comprehensive like of pipette tips for Nichipet Premium pipettes
  • repairs and calibrates Nichipet Premium pipettes
    • New customers receive 10% OFF pipette calibration service