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Hirschmann Pipetus® 50th Anniversary Edition


Reliable, Efficient, Ergonomic Motorized Controller

From 0 to 50 mL in 6.9 seconds - the rapidity of the Pipetus® is the result of innovative technology which considerably enhances the degree of efficiency of the available motor power.

Features and Benefits:

  • Safety valve
    • The easily replaceable safety valve ensures precise and reliable results at all times.
  • Informative color display, intelligent charging technology
  • Pump motor emits low noise levels and is free of vibration
  • Highly accurate pipetting enabled through fi ne dispensing valves with valve pins made of ceramic compound
  • The seat of all pipettes is sealed absolutely tight with a silicone adapter   
  • Hydrophobic PTFE diaphragm filter with 0.2 μm pore size
  • For measuring, volumetric and Pasteur pipettes, from 0.1mL to 200 mL
  • Includes an inductive charging and park station, standard wall bracket, NiMH battery

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