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AccuPet AccuHelp Motorized Pipette Controller


The lightweight Pipettor combines advanced ergonomic design with precise liquid dispensing

The round shape, balanced weight, and light action spring buttons reduce fatigue and increase accuracy. AccuHelp is compatible with glass or plastic pipettes, ranging from 1 to 100mL and is available in four different colors.

Features and Benefits

  • The powerful, quiet pump can fill 25 mL pipette under 4 seconds
  • Soft grip push buttons
  • Autoclavable pipette cone
  • Double Safety valve and hydrophobic filters provide double protection against fluid penetration
  • Two different speed modes – High, Low along with Gravity drain.
  • The pump speed can also be fine-tuned by varying finger pressure on operating knobs for better control of speed
  • NiMH batteries (Cadmium free & environmently-friendly)
  • Batteries can be changed very easily by the end user
  • The intelligent charger prevent overchargingng / heating of batteries
  • Low battery indicator
  • The specially designed desktop stand enables the Pipette Controller to be charged while resting on it
  • The Pipette Controller can hold the serological pipette while resting on the desktop stand

AccuHelp Features