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CAPP Rondo Magnetic Stirrer


CAPP Rondo Magnetic Stirrer

The CAPP Rondo Magnetic Stirrer comes with a modern magnetic coil technology, pulse mode, and complies with IP protection class 65 (IP 65). Designed for optimal mixing the CAPP Rondo Magnetic Stirrer can be used in laboratories, pharmacies, and schools with ease. As an added bonus there are no moving parts, allowing for maintenance-free use. 

Highlighted Features 

  • Compact to conserve valuable bench space
  • Pulse mode: Rotating stir bar alternates clockwise & counter-clockwise every 30 seconds
  • 15 to 1500rpm 
  • Anti-skid pads & water spill resistant setup plate  
  • Casing made from chemically resistant materials
  • Simple control panel with convenient and easy-to-use interface