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Jencons Sealpette Original Multichannel Pipette


The Sealpette multi-channel range features ten models covering the volume range 0.5µl–300µl in 4, 8 and 12 channel versions. The 0.5–10µl, 8 and 12 channel units accept ultra-microvolume tips. The multi-channel Sealpettes have all the advantages of the single channel models, plus additional features designed to make pipetting into microplates easier, safer and more accurate. Other features available: perfect tip sealing, excellent tip alignment, minimum pressure required to load tips, dispense head will rotate through 360°, to give the user the most comfortable working angle, unique staggered tip-eject bar ensures, easy tip ejection, compatible with a wide range of tips, easy maintenance and calibration, with tool supplied, wide range of tips and accessories available.

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