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Benchmark Incu-Shaker™ Mini Shaking Incubator


Benchmark Incu-Shaker Mini – Compact Shaking Incubator

H1001-M Touch Screen Closed - Benchmark Incu-Shaker Mini Shaking Incubator - Pipette_Com

The Benchmark Incu-Shaker Mini provides an easy, convenient, and space efficient solution to incubated orbital shaking. The incubator is designed such that users can even use 1L flasks despite the device’s compact footprint. The base is only 11” x 15.7”, but the interior still allows for an 11.5” x 9.5” workspace. Users can still work with flasks, tubes, bottles, and other routine laboratory vessels, but can do so without disturbing their already busy workspaces. Each Benchmark Incu-Shaker Mini is equipped with a powerful touchscreen interface that allows users to easily control their shaking incubator from the basic screen (Shaking Speed and Temperature Control) or Advanced Temperature/Shaker control and monitoring.

The shaker features a non-slip rubber mat perfect for securing culture flasks, petri dishes, and staining trays. Benchmark has also designed their Incu-Shaker Mini for compatibility with the MAGic Clamp Magnetic Platform. The MAGic Clamp system allows users to select a variety of MAGic magnetic attachment clamps that can be instantly exchange without the need for any tools. MAGic clamps allow users an extra level of security since the clamps are specifically designed for the corresponding laboratory vessel.

H1001-M Touch Screen User Interface - Benchmark Incu-Shaker Mini Shaking Incubator - Pipette_Com



Advanced Technology

  • Microprocessor-Enabled Control – Internal Hardware Finely Controls Shaking Speed and Temperature

  • Touchscreen Interface – Touch-Enabled Speed and Temperature Controls with Advanced Shaker/Temperature Monitoring

  • MAGic Magnetic Platform – Only Benchmark offers the Magnetic Platform for Secure Vessel Attachment

Space and Operation Efficient - Advanced Capability

  • Compact Footprint – Only 11” x 15.7”!

  • Large Interior – 11.5” x 9.5” Interior Workspace!

  • MAGic Clamps – Fast and Easy Attachment Versatility

  • 19mm Orbit for Aeration and Mixing - 30 to 300RPM

  • Temperature range: Ambient +5°C to 70°C


Do you need a larger shaking incubator?  The Incu-Shaker™ 10L is a heavy-duty shaking incubator holds up to 49 X 50mL flasks.

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